Zoom Error Code 5003 – Solved

Hello guys, I know zoom has become one of the important application in your life due to current situation.So many of had faced this zoom error 5003. Zoom error code 5003 is one of the most common connectivity issues faced by users. So today we are going to tell you how to troubleshoot this isssue.

What is Zoom Error Code 5003

This is very common error faced by zoom error. It is more likely to appear on zoom PC or zoom software and also in Zoom PC applications, In short these issue is mostly faced by zoom PCusers.

Before going to solutions let us see what is the issue causing this zoom error 5003. This problems happens when Zoom application faces difficulty to connect to Zoom Servers.There may many reasons for this like proxy/ firewall settings etc. This is very common issue and can be solved easily by simply following below steps. Follow below steps to solve error 5003

Solve Zoom Error Code 104 103 in Android Mobile

To Solve this error code 104 103 in mobile do the following steps.

  •     Update the app to latest version of Zoom APK. Check whether it’s working now
  •     Clear the app data and allow all the permissions required by app.
  •     Enable Auto Start of the app.It will work now.
  •     If not re-install the app again. Check your internet connection is working or not.

Solve Zoom Error Code 104 103 in Zoom PC

To solve the zoom error code 104103 in PC use the below steps

  •     If you’re using a network which has any proxy/firewall enabled you need to contact your network administrator to verify it so that it can connect to zoom servers.
  •     If you’re using any anti virus software try disabling it and check whether zoom is working or not. Because in few cases your anti virus can block the zoom connection. 

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